OE: Brazil

by Hollie Smith, Barnaby Weir, P.Digsss, Recloose, Alda Rezende / 2006

Release Notes


The OE: BRAZIL album is the result of a unique project called the "Bacardi B-Live OE: Brazil". This project saw Loop take six of New Zealand’s most talented musicians to Sao Paulo for three weeks to record a collaborative album with some of Brazil’s finest artists.

The New Zealand artists featured in the inaugural Bacardi B-Live OE: Brazil project included Barnaby Weir (The Black Seeds, Fly My Pretties), Hollie Smith, Alda Rezende, Maaka Phat (Wai), P.Digsss (Shapeshifter), and renowned DJ/ producer Recloose.

They worked with over 60 Brazilian musicians including Zimbo Trio, Barbatuques, Clube do Balanço, Max de Castro, Apollo Nove, BiD, Instituto, Funk Como Le Gusta, Drumagick, Bossacucanova, Funky Buia and more!

The result was a fusion of New Zealand and Brazilian music and culture, which produced an album of original music, and a documentary showcasing the experience.

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