by Video Kid / 2004

Release Notes

Prototype is the dynamic debut from Flight of the Conchords and The Black Seeds cohort, Bret McKenzie and features performances by members of The Black Seeds, TrinityRoots, Twinset and Age Pryor.

Trapped inside an electronic arena, where love and escape do not compute, The Video Kid has come to save you. Battling the inorganic coldness of modern electronic music with waves of fuzzy analogue beats and armed with vintage technology, The Video Kid is here to help you find your way through the nine levels of Prototype.

The Video Kid brings a warm, friendly world of sound, melody and words. As he states on the opening track of Prototype, "Here Comes The Video Kid, he is here to free the corporate booty slaves by doing what he loves, sailing the digital waves". The good vibes carry through the whole of Prototype as The Video Kid visits various ports of call on his travels, channeling through a vocoder for 'DJZ Girlfriend', or busting some wild seventies carves on 'Dawnskate', a pair of pop hooks lazily driving both tunes, dripping with another era.

Maybe it's the late seventies subliminally rising through The Video Kid, we could say he is sweating it out, but that's not accurate, the Video Kid exudes these drips of funky keyboard grooves, while maintaining his conga driven cool.

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