Saturday Night

by Summer Thieves / 2021

Release Notes

Summer Thieves return with their new single, ‘Saturday Night’. Leaning into the indie-rock aspect of their sound, the track is built around a bassline that sticks with you. 

Co-written with Joel Shadbolt & Brad Kora (L.A.B) ‘Saturday Night’ showcases the mature sound of Summer Thieves’ upcoming second album. Staying true to the band’s indie-rock roots, the track has been tested live in arenas across NZ, and is an instantly memorable ode to the weekend.

Set for release this November, their new album Paradise Down The Road showcases a growing maturity in a band that are a staple of the live music scene. Moving effortlessly across rock, pop, blues & funk, the album further establishes Summer Thieves as one of NZ’s most exciting musical talent.

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