by Bailey Wiley / 2016

Release Notes

Featuring singles ‘Take It From Me’ and the title track ‘Still On My Mind’, S.O.M.M. is eight tracks from an artist in every sense of the word. Combining the neo-soul/hip-hop sound which has gained Bailey a huge following with more experimental electronic sounds, the EP displays the amazing vocal talent of Bailey Wiley.

Opening track ‘Dos Fuegos’ is the perfect scene setter of what is to come – amazing vocals combined with fascinating production. Across eight tracks Bailey Wiley throws down the gauntlet to the rest of the NZ music scene, and delivers the killer release that has been teased over countless live sets.

S.O.M.M. features a dream team of producers, with each bringing something different and unique to the table, and each pushing Bailey’s sound in exciting and different directions. The inspiration behind the EP is simple – “You. Me. Now. Then.”

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