String Theory (The Complete Show)

by Fly My Pretties, String Theory Cast / 2017

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Available on double gatefold LP and digitally is String Theory (The Complete Show) from Fly My Pretties, containing five unreleased and all 18 songs recorded live across nine sold-out shows in late 2016.

The Complete Show gives audiences the full String Theory experience in the same track order from the live show. Featuring unreleased songs from Bailey Wiley, Miloux, A Girl Named Mo, Laughton Kora & Tiki Taane, the album examines who we are and our place in the universe through musical storytelling.

The String Theory cast represents a mix of longstanding members, with some of the country’s brightest talents lead again by Barnaby Weir, including: A Girl Named Mo, Bailey Wiley, Ills Winter, Miloux, Ria Hall, James Coyle, Jarney Murphy, Iraia Whakamoe, Laughton Kora, Mike Fabulous, Nigel Patterson, Ryan Prebble, Tiki Taane.

Recorded live at Auckland’s Mercury Theatre and Wellington’s Paramount Theatre, String Theory represents the expansion of the traditional Fly My Pretties sound.

While the folk and singer-songwriter elements remain, the concept opened the door for a new range of sounds – spacey vocals and pulsating synths – again brought to life by a cast which features some of NZ’s finest.

Fly My Pretties – String Theory (The Complete Show)

  1. Get It Together (by Ryan Prebble) 
  2. Still (by Miloux) 
  3. Play Your Part (by Bailey Wiley) 
  4. Hearts (by BaileyWiley) 
  5. Closer (by A Girl Named Mo) 
  6. Mud & Stardust (by A Girl Named Mo) 
  7. The Watchman (by Barnaby Weir) 
  8. Soul’d (by Barnaby Weir) 
  9. Watch Over Me (by Ria Hall) 
  10. Every Mystery (by Ills Winter)
  11. For Sam (by Miloux)
  12. Something To Hold (by Ryan Prebble)
  13. Forever (by Ria Hall)
  14. This Life (by Tiki Taane)
  15. Anomaly (by Ills Winter)
  16. Walking On (by Laughton Kora)
  17. Harry Potato (by Laughton Kora)
  18. Black Hole (by Tiki Taane)

String Theory (The Complete Show) contains all 18 songs from the String Theory performances, wtih 5 new tracks.

On limited edition Double LP vinyl & digitally.

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