Summer Thieves return with their new single, ‘Saturday Night’. Leaning into the indie-rock aspect of their sound, the track is built around a bassline that sticks with you after listening, alongside The Strokes-style guitars interplaying the vocals. 

Co-written with Joel Shadbolt & Brad Kora (L.A.B) & Tiki Taane, ‘Saturday Night’ showcases the mature sound of Summer Thieves’ upcoming second album. Staying true to the band’s indie-rock roots, the track has been tested live in arenas across NZ, and is an instantly memorable ode to the weekend.

Set for release this November, their new album showcases a growing maturity in a band that are a staple of the live music scene. Moving effortlessly across rock, pop, blues & funk, the album further establishes Summer Thieves as one of NZ’s most exciting musical talents.