Frequent Questions

What territories does LOOPdigital have access to?

LOOPdigital can place your music directly into all territories without 
you having to deal with multiple companies or intermediaries.

Is LOOPdigital a New Zealand owned and operated company?

Yes. LOOPdigital is owned by music industry renowned LOOP Media NZ Limited. It is 
operated from within New Zealand and gives you the opportunity to deal with a 
New Zealand based company that you can trust.

Is the record label of LOOP connected to my music in anyway?

No. Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa will NOT be associated with your music.
You choose what record label name you would like to appear with your release

What territories can I sell in?

All territories or you can choose not to distribute in certain territories if you wish.

Is the contract exclusive?

No. The contract is non-exclusive... But you cannot use another distributor to distribute
within a territory that we place your music in. Simple.

How is the music put on Online?

LOOPdigital will encode and upload your music. We manage all technical issues, data management and back-end maintenance. Once you have provided us with the correct information and files then we take care of the rest.

What’s the deal?

We take 20% of the amount we receive and you get 80%. The Term of the contract ends 120 days from when we receive from you written notice-requesting termination.


You receive a consolidated accounting statement with each payment detailing all your downloads. When you have invoiced us for the amount, we direct credit the royalties directly into your nominated bank account. We will not contact you if less than $50 NZD is owed to you, but rollover the due amount to the next period until that total is reached.

So that is great! You are online now, but how do you market yourself?

We recommend that you set yourself up your own website and other social websites. Get yourself a ‘web presence’ and look at Internet marketing programs available for digital download artists. When your music ‘goes live’ we provide you direct links to your music which you can then use to promote yourself online.