What do I need?

Once you have received a Digital Music Download Agreement from Loop please complete the following steps. Haven’t applied yet? Then email loopdigital to request more info.


Please sign 2 copies of the Digital Music Download Agreement, initial each page of both agreements then return both copies. A countersigned copy of the Agreement will then be returned for your files. The next step is to supply us with your physical catalogue and relevant information. Our requirements are as follows…


Accepted formats:

  • Audio files (original album CD) 
  • WAV
  • AIFF

ISRC codes

Please carefully fill out the Essential Information Form that will be emailed with your contract. If you need more information on ISRC Codes please contact RIANZ.


Album cover artwork is required in the digital format of: 

  • Format: TIFF (RGB colour space)
  • Size: 4000 x 4000 pixels 
  • Resolution: 300dpi


If you do not have a UPC/EAN (barcode), you can purchase one from us. This is the 13-digit barcode written on the barcode of your album. Each release must have a barcode.