Cigarettes In Space

by Summer Thieves / 2023

Release Notes


Summer Thieves are thrilled to present their eagerly awaited new album, Cigarettes In Space. With an eclectic blend of infectious melodies and genre-bending sounds, the band invites listeners to come aboard this sonic journey. 

Cigarettes In Space is a testament to Summer Thieves' musical talent, and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their sound. Featuring 13 tracks, the album  weaves together vibrant indie rock with elements of pop, and heartfelt lyricism. Produced & recorded largely by the band themselves, the album shows Summer Thieves stepping up in all aspects of their creation process.

Cigarettes In Space shows a band who are not only continuing to grow as musicians, but also as songwriters and producers. One of NZ’s hardest working bands continue to prove themselves, with this new album embracing rock, alternative & pop sounds. The album sees the band pushing their sounds further than before, while staying true to what has brought them this far, keeping their tongue firmly in cheek as they do it. 

Cigarettes In Space is out now digitally and on limited edition gatefold vinyl, showcasing the brilliant artwork from frequent collaborator Ray Lalatoa. 

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