Tongue & Cheek / Pieces

by Summer Thieves / 2022

Release Notes


Summer Thieves return with ‘Tongue & Cheek’ and the B-side ‘Pieces’. Both taken from their upcoming album, the tracks see the band lean into the eclectic sound they’re known for with both tracks guaranteed to get the party started. 

‘Tongue & Cheek’ is built around catchy guitar lines and vocal hooks and shines a light on the band's playful energy they’re known for on and off the stage. 

“The song is about the idea of a fantasy or an imagined intimate relationship with whoever or whatever you may desire….We want people to feel that this is a fun song, but also quite sassy and sexy. Hopefully people will listen to it and get warpy, let ya hair down, be weird,” lead singer Jake Barton says.

Set for release this summer, the new Summer Thieves album weaves seamlessly through pop, rock, reggae and funk while staying true to the band’s sound that has won fans over across their massive summer shows in New Zealand and Australia.

These two singles arrive shortly after the release of the bands second album Paradise Down The Road, which saw Summer Thieves push their sound into new and different spaces, all-the-while maintaining the energy that has garnered them an ever-growing following.

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