Diamond Side

by Paul McLaney / 2008

Diamond Side

Release Notes

Paul McLaney's album Diamond Side is his second album on LOOP and was recorded in LA with legendary producer/engineer Michael Frondelli (Crowded House, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones).

In his own words: "Edin the album I recorded in Dunedin prior to Diamond Side was the major catalyst for realising this understanding. To have it nominated for a Tui in the Best Male category is one of my proudest achievements as a creative artist working in New Zealand. During the course of promoting and touring the Edin songs, a new collection of material arrived steadily as if invited by the sensibilities my solo performances were establishing. I relished the challenge of painstakingly working on the songs as complete entities unto themselves. The guitar was my studio, my band, my entire framework outside of the lyric. 

"Recording the album in Los Angeles took me out of my comfort zone and made me knuckle down to the task at hand. Added to that the experience and wisdom that producer/engineer Michael Frondelli provided, I felt completely energised to capture performances of these songs that would merit my own investment into them. Everything was captured as live performances over 2 sessions on August 15th and 17th, 2007." - Paul McLaney

“4.5/5 stars. Paul McLaney is one of New Zealand music's best-kept secrets, as well as one of it's most under-rated talents. Diamond Side provides testament to McLaney’s talent, with his unique voice booming out over some of his best tracks yet.” - Investigate Magazine 

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