by Paul McLaney / 2006


Release Notes

Paul McLaney musical voyage of discovery is continued with this outstanding offering.

He's back to his solo roots again, acoustic guitar in hand, and with the willing assistance of bass player Richie Pickard, drummer Nick Gaffney, and producer extraordinaire Dale Cotton (aka Conray, and also the man at the desk for the likes of HDU, Dimmer, Mestar and many more...).

Together, they've created an atmosphere and ambience that makes this one of McLaney's most reflective and personal albums yet. Recorded virtually live in the old NZBC studios, McLaney's emotive, distinctive voice and guitar playing are placed way out in front, resulting in a warm, intimate listen.

Adding to the already beautiful songs are the superb string arrangements of Graeme Downes (previously of the Verlaines), which, on tracks like 'Pick up the Pieces' lift the music to a new level, pulling at the heartstrings in only the way beautifully crafted music can. Covering the same sort of emotional and musical ground as Mark Hollis, Jose Gonzalez, or David Gray, Paul McLaney's latest album is an album from a man who has fully discovered his mature musical voice. Edin is an excellent release from an outstanding talent.

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