Elegy For The Past (We Are All Astronauts Remix)

by Rhian Sheehan / 2019

Release Notes


Rhian Sheehan shares a new remix of his track ‘Elegy For The Past’, remixed by American ambient artist We Are All Astronauts. The remix expands on the original, the opening track from the album A Quiet Divide. With added drums and synths, the piece stretches out the dreamlike feel of the original, while additional strings further make the piece its own ambient journey.

The release is the first remix of material from his album A Quiet Divide, Sheehan’s latest piece of work combining modern-classical orchestral chamber music, piano, and textural cinematic guitar and synth soundscapes.

“Easily a contender for album of the year,” – Drifting Almost Falling

“A delight – warm, enveloping, and uplifting when such things are most needed,” – A Closer Listen

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