The Absence Of You

by Rhian Sheehan / 2018

Release Notes

‘The Absence Of You’ offers another look at the evolution of Sheehan’s sound, which is evident throughout A Quiet Divide. Soaring strings float over piano and guitar, expanding on the ambient/post-rock sound of previous releases. A Quiet Divide is Sheehan’s most cinematic release to date, and ‘The Absence Of You’ is its most cinematic moment.

About the track –

“Originally the track was in a very different form. I’d jotted down a rough idea on piano, and it was much slower. When I began working on the new record, I rediscovered the original idea and completely reworked it into something quite different, adding strings and more movement.

The resulting piece is more focused and passionate than my original sketch. I’m always sketching ideas on the piano, or guitar, and many of these ideas never see the light of day again, so it’s nice when an old idea helps spark off a new one.” – Rhian Sheehan

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