Everything Is Possible

by Module / 2020

Release Notes


After years away from the scene, Wellington-based composer & electronic-musician Module is back with ‘Everything Is Possible’!

The new single from the piano/synth-wizard is built around the titular vocal refrain, sitting alongside pulsating synths and driving bass, creating an instant earworm of a track. Always experimenting and pushing electronic sounds, ‘Everything Is Possible’ is an electronic grab bag that could only come from... Module!

Known for his digital expertise, Module first established himself as a creative force on the back of his original studio albums Remarkable Engines & Imagineering, alongside his acclaimed video game soundtrack work on Shatter. The release of ‘Everything Is Possible’ signals Module’s return to music, after working through personal issues. 

“The music started to come back, I thought it wasn't going too, but.bit by bit the memory of the tunes and the need to create kicked in. I remembered how much I love making music, the patterns, sounds and creating time/space for a moment. I can't really explain the feeling, but it made me feel like everything was possible, which is what this is all about really.” - Module

A content machine, the release of ‘Everything Is Possible’ starts a run of new material from Module, likely not to stop anytime soon with a second single to follow in October.

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