Remarkable Engines

by Module / 2005

Release Notes

Module's debut solo album, Remarkable Engines, fuses together broken-beat, electro, 80's rock and trip-hop styles to create an album that is truly representative of his outstanding musicianship.

Multi-instrumentalist Jeremiah Ross (aka Module) draws on the roots of his classical music theory and live-band experiences to produce an organic style of electronica that is played and not programmed. Remarkable Engines also features the talents of artists Paul McLaney (Gramsci), Rhian Sheehan, Tom Firth and Jess Chambers.

Remarkable Engines also features a bonus piano CD titled 'Movement', a collection of piano compositions that portraits Module's classical music understanding, with a hint of contemporary flavor.

"Remarkable Engines is a superb and constantly innovative album. The lush sound affords it one giant tick, but Ross has the chops as a composer... there's pathos as well as shining grace behind every note." - The Package


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