The Best of Module (2003 - 2022)

by Module / 2022

Release Notes


Wellington-based producer Module makes his return with The Best of Module (2003 - 2022). Across 28 tracks, the release follows the journey from one of NZ’s most acclaimed producers across a long & varied career. 

Never would I have thought, 20 years ago, in small town Palmerston North, with my Pentium II computer and a few instruments from the op shop, I would have been here now with a best of album with 28 tracks representing my work as Module.To be a part of the NZ music scene has been a blessing and gift for me. Always one to chase dreams, it seemed the ideal situation, looking back and looking forward, it’s personally great for me to showcase the music with this best of compilation, showcasing my other worldly experiences, remixes and collaborations, international video game compositions, science fiction film soundtracks, all the rest inbetween still creating albums and singles, building musical worlds.

Featuring a number of unreleased tracks, and a number of tracks which span across 20 years, The Best of Module (2003 - 2022) shows the varied underground electronic sounds that have gained Module acclaim as a one-man creative sound agency across Aotearoa and beyond. 

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