Live At The Wellington Opera House

by Rhian Sheehan / 2015

Release Notes

"The whole album is a wish you were there moment, where the audience is so mesmerised you could hear a pin drop before the bursts of applause that signal the spell has been broken momentarily." - The Sunday Star Times ★★★★★

A collection of 11 live tracks selected from Rhian’s 2010 and 2013 immersive aural and visual live performances. The FREE LP blends songs from his performance of Stories From Elsewhere with Orchestra Wellington in 2013 with select songs from his acclaimed Standing In Silence show in 2010.

His first release since 2013, Live at The Wellington Opera House is a series of enchanting instrumental works, offering an excursion into a soundscape of tender ethereal textures, brooding big cinematic string arrangements, and playful experimental musicbox lullabies.

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