Main Divide NZ Music Compilation Vol. 05

by Anna Coddington, Summer Thieves, Ria Hall, Hollie Smith / 2021

Release Notes

A journey into New Zealand music from across the Main Divide and beyond, Loop and Main Divide presents Main Divide NZ Music Compilation Vol. 05 - a curated collection of tracks aiming to highlight and celebrate some of Aotearoa’s finest talent. 

While continuing with the vibe of the series, this fifth edition in the Main Divide series showcases a quality and diverse mix of tracks which weave seamlessly through hip-hop, synthpop, house, R&B, pop and soul. 

“A lot has changed in the world since our first compilation was released back in 2008; one thing that’s remained constant however is the positive effect music has on our lives and society as a whole. It brings us together, lifts our mood, and can provide a sense of euphoria and altered state at its best. 

As with previous volumes, we’ve chosen a selection of quality homegrown tracks we feel represent the current sound of Aotearoa, featuring a mix of established and up and coming artists.

Wine and music are two of life’s great pleasures, like two old friends that never tire of each other's company.” - Ed Donaldson from Main Divide

Main Divide NZ Music Compilation Vol. 05

1. imugi 이무기 - Portals
2. Raiza Biza - Family (feat. Hollie Smith)
3. PollyHill - Foreward
4. Team Dynamite - Lightning Bolt (feat. Bailey Wiley)
5. Flamingo Pier - Deeper Soul
6. Team Dynamite - Principle 
7. Leaping Tiger - Screw Face (feat. Church & AP, Disciple Pati and JY Lee)
8. RIIKI - Share Your Luv
9. L.A.B - Operator
10. LIPS - Take My Call
11. Summer Thieves - Saturday Night
12. Merk - American Parties
13. Ria Hall - History
14. imugi 이무기 - y u always acting like a fool (feat. Church & AP)
15. Anna Coddington - Beams (feat. Louis Baker)
16. Main Divide Vol.5 (Dylan C Mixtape)

Pour yourself a glass of Main Divide, kick back, press play and get ready for a lush journey into the current sound of Aotearoa.

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