The Green Room 003: Earth

by Various / 2004

Release Notes

The third instalment of the Green Room series, which showcases New Zealand music on a world stage and introduces some amazing sounds from around the world.

The previous two Green Room compilations showcased 100% New Zealand music.
This time round, The Green Room 003 is about living in a global community, and working with likeminded musicians and labels from around the world that share a collective voice in their music.

01. The Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble - Troublemakers Allen Fresh       
02. Inrush-A - Random Access
03. Jo Dukie and DJ Fitchie - This Room       
04. The Black Seeds - Turn it Around
05. The Strike Boys – I Am A Witness (With Emo)
06. The Red Eyes - High Place
07. Pitch Black - Lost in Translation
08. Mon Ami - Circles
09. Carl Hancock Rux - Protean Character
10. The Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble (Unsung Heroes & TY feat. Bries) - Right Here in Front of You
11. DJ Vee feat. The Mighty Asterix - The Best in Me                
12. Emma Paki - Stand Alone
13. Age Pryor - Leave it all Behind       
14. Tommy - Sometimes Stones (Green Room mix)