The Green Room 004: Hope

by Various / 2005

Release Notes

The 4th comp in the GreenRoom series, 004: Hope was produced by Loop and sponsored by the Green Party.

The creative lens of this compilation focuses on the consumption of fossil fuels, primarily the running of transportation. As with previous editions, Green Room 004: Hope has an ethos of individual responsibility, and issues a challenge to the listener to consciously and responsibly take control of their general consumption.

As former Green MP, Nándor Tanczos illustrates, politics is equally about how we vote, as how we live: “Hope does not come from ignoring reality. It results from understanding the threat before us and knowing that a true heart will find the way through.

01. TrinityRoots - All We Be
02. Kora - Burning
03. Rhombus - Swans
04. Recloose feat. Jo Dukie - Dust
05. Cornerstone Roots - Forward Dub
06. Confucius - Immortal Lion
07. Illphonics - One Of Those Days
08. Opensouls - In Your Hands
09. Solaa feat. Ladi6 - Sylphlike
10. Hollie Smith - Child Standing
11. Fly My Pretties - Turn It Around
12. Rhian Sheehan - My Absolution
13. The Phoenix Foundation - St. Kevin
14. Fat Freddy’s Drop - Hope
15. Module feat. Nándor Tanczos - One Inity