The Green Room 005: Whanau

by Various / 2006

Release Notes

Prompted by the death of the Green Party co-leader Rod Donald, Green MP Nandor Tanczos and the good people at Loop came together to resurrect the project. This 5th installment is dedicated to Donald's memory and fittingly the theme this time around is "Whanau" or family. 

With possibly the classiest line-up to date, Whanau continues the Green Room series theme; aiming to raise environmental and cultural awareness and global unity.

With tracks from Solaa (with the vocal stylings of Scribe, Ladi6 and Nat Rose), Deva Mahal, The Illphonics and Recloose (featuring the ever-present, Joe Dukie), Whanau has the strong local representation one expects from Loop comps, but there is also an international presence; including appearances from Ursula Rucker and Noiseshaper.

01. Deva Mahal - Never Gonna Stop
02. Shihan The Poet - Somebody Tell Me feat. Brutha Gimel and Gina Loring
03. Solaa - Eyes Shut
04. Freddie Cruger feat. ADL - Runnin’ From Love
05. Recloose feat. Joe Dukie - Time Is On Your Side
06. Dreadzone - I Know
07. Headcornerstone - Hot Like Fire (Groove Corporation Remix)
08. Noiseshaper - Walls Of Silence
09. House Of Shem - Rise Up
10. Mocky - Sweet Music
11. Ursula Rucker - Rant (Hot In Here)
12. Confucius - It’s Got To Be Funk Pt. 2
13. The Illphonics - Deeper

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