by Various / 2015


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LPMT001 [Free Download]

01. Bottom Line (Flako Mix) - Electric Wire Hustle
02. Starfish - Aron Ottignon
03. Heatwave - HIGH HØØPS
04. Cushion Plant - Team Cat Food
05. Hyakki Yakou Part2 - Haioka
06. Losing You (Tennis Champ Mix) - Chambres
07. Stutter Step - Sorceress
08. Illustrations feat. Third3ye & eo - Jono Das
09. Cook County Jail feat. Yayné - Jono Das
10. Tonight's Ego - Team Dynamite
11. Other Lover feat. HIGH HØØPS - Spycc

© LOOP Recordings Aot(ear)oa 2015


LPMT001 features fresh drops from local startups Aron Ottignon, ChambresJono Das, Spycc, Team Cat Food & Tennis Champ, alongside Japanese talent Haioka. The mixtape begins with a brand new remix from the latest signing to the Loop Recordings stable, Electric Wire Hustle, who are poised to provide some of the most exciting releases of 2015.


DESCRIPTION: LPMT001 features mostly new Kiwi and Japanese talent traversing the genres of modern jazz, house, deep electronic, soulful hip hop and glitch. As always we ask you to seek out further works of your favorite artists featured in the Loop Select series.

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