by Various / 2015

Release Notes

LPMT005 [Free Download]

01. Mirage - Menik ft. Native
02. Cosmos Re-Up - Team Dynamite
03. River Styx - Yoko-Zuna
04. By What Right - Impending Adorations & Rhian Sheehan
05. Fall Through - Space Above
06. Conversations - Brockaflower
07. Floating - Spirit Soup
08. Bring It Together - A Band Called Success

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LPMT005 - an alternative mixtape, mainly nodding towards indie sounds, with sprinkles of house and hip-hop. Featuring Loop Select favourites Team Dynamite, Yoko-Zuna and Space Above, British electronic artist Menik, and new local artist A Band Called Success bringing it all together with a neat little bow to close it out.

DESCRIPTION: LPMT005 - Beautiful soundscapes from Rhian Sheehan and Menik underneath vocals from Impending Adorations and Native, the "space tech" sound of Space Above, and progressive soul of Brockaflower. As always we ask you to seek out further works of the artists featured in the Loop Select series.

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