by Various / 2015

Release Notes


01. March (Haioka Remix) - Electric Wire Hustle ft. Deva Mahal
02. Hyakki Yakou Part2 - Haioka
03. Who They Say You Are (Knowsie Remix) - A Girl Named Mo
04. Culture Clash (Encouragement Town Remix) - Estere
05. Sundae - BAYNK
06. I'd Like To Be Your Girl (Wunder Wunder Remix) - Taste Nasa
07. No More - SACHI ft. Zoe & SYSI
08. Smokelight - Chambres
09. This Is It - Space Above
10. Can't Let Go (Nght Drps Remix) - Noah Slee
11. Other Lover - Spycc ft. HIGH HØØPS
12. Marvin - Team Dynamite ft. Laughton Kora
13. Do It Slow (Bonus Track) - Team Dynamite
14. Take It From Me - Bailey Wiley
15. One's Cycle - Yoko-Zuna ft. Bailey Wiley
16. Land of 1000 Chances (Lord Echo's Disco Mix) - DJ Day
17. Something About You (KAA.DDU Remix) - Latinaotearoa
18. Brother Sun (Rodi Kirk & Aron Ottignon Version) - Electric Wire Hustle ft. Kimbra

© LOOP Recordings Aot(ear)oa 2015
LPMT006 - 18 tracks of summer holiday goodness from the Loopcrew! Starting deep then winding up the electronic path to visit some hip hop, soul and jazzy cuts.

DESCRIPTION: LPMT006 is an hour twenty of musical goodness to close out 2015. A blend of Loop acts Electric Wire Hustle, Chambres, Aron Ottignon and A Girl Named Mo, alongside some new cuts and our favourite tunes from the 2015 mixtape series. As always we ask you to seek out further works of the artists featured in the Loop Select series.