Rhian Sheehan

Rhian Sheehan


Rhian Sheehan is an award winning New Zealand-based composer and producer of cinematic music who is known for his unique melding of experimental soundscapes with emotive orchestral arrangements and environmental sound recordings. Regarded by many as archetypal amongst the ambient post-rock genre.

His incredible live performances are an immersive aural and visual experience. Rhian is one of NZ’s finest artists currently sitting on 20 million+ streams on Spotify alone.

Upcoming Releases

Recollections, Vol. 1 & 2 released in 2020

Live Options

Rhian Sheehan w/ 8-piece band or Rhian w/ 8-piece & orchestra (orchestra can vary from 8 piece upwards)

Live Highlights

Dunedin Arts Festival, Nelson Arts Festival, sold-out shows at the Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington Opera House, Mercury Theatre Auckland, Q Theatre Auckland, Sydney Opera House.