Loop Select 006: Kono

by Various / 2004

CD 1 CD 2

Release Notes

Loop Select 006: KONO is a sensory explosion with two CD's and a DVD crammed full of local music, short films, and music videos.

A snap-shot of New Zealand's creative culture when it was released in 2004, KONO features the most soulful tunes and freshest beats compiled on two CDs. With a massive 29 tracks in total, KONO provides a taste of the sheer musical diversity being explored by both established and unsigned artists.

The DVD is also packed with goodies including six music videos produced by Loop over 2004, and also six short films crafted by aspiring film makers, plus a full length music documentary that takes a look behind the scenes of Fly My Pretties.

"Awesome value, and overall, an awesome mix of sounds from Loop. It's not only a good taste of the label, but also genuinely worthwhile sample of the massive bounty of talent under our noses. 4 STARS" NZ Tone

01. Jahlicious: Poor Eyes
02. Del Rey System: NZ to the BK feat. Finsta & Manuel Bundy
03. Dam Native: Sirens in the City (Hori mix)
04. The Eskimo Squad: Bling Bling Dogs
05. Definite & Bling: Jump Up
06. Opensouls: Hip Hop
07. Rhombus: Together
08. Cornerstone Roots: Forward Movement
09. The Red Eyes: Babylon Falling
10. Confucius: A Drive out East
11. Solaa feat. Hollie Smith: Keep On
12. TrinityRoots: Egos
13. Fly My Pretties: Quiet Girl
14. Tommy: Magpie Song
15. Emma Paki: Century Sky

01. Pacific Heights: Lavenia
02. The Strike Boys: Outer Space (With Cyreana Dunbar)
03. Del Rey System feat. Dallas: Sweet Division
04. OG feat. J9: Limited Time
05. Sunsoul: So Danco (Rough Version)
06. Module: Manga Power
07. Tubbs: The Storm
08. Rhian Sheehan: Boundaries (Module "Evil Eno" remix)
09. Ben Hartless vs Dr Benway: Deep Fried Dub
10. The Upbeats: Lobster
11. Audio Sauce: Beats on Heat
12. Audio Sauce: Bee Bo
13. rotor plus: something to do while driving (excerpts) - (d. from a>e, e. piano. 2 (making the most of minimal hearing), f. BOC (everything you do is....)
14. Skallander: Saint


Beautiful (Dir. Adam Stevens)
Man With Issues (Dir. Tom Reily)
Delores (Dir. Adam Stevens)
The Hole (Dir. Brian Challis)
The French Doors (Dir. Steve Ayson)
Grass (Dir. Simon Otto)

Rhian Sheehan - Boundaries
Rhian Sheehan feat. Jess Chambers - Sunshine
Age Pryor - The Best For You
The Upbeats - Late Night Fright
Tommy - Sometimes Stories
Fly My Pretties - Lucky

Documentary and live recorded footage from Fly My Pretties - Live At Bats Theatre (Wellington 2004)