Loop Select 007: We Are Here

by Various / 2005

Release Notes

Loop Select 007: We Are Here is the seventh installment in a series of box sets featuring a selection of progressive audio-visual content (in the form of a CD, DVD and book) from Aotearoa New Zealand, and around the world.

Building on the success of previous installments, the Select 007 CD features 15 tracks from the past and present (at the time of release) and provides a platform for Kiwi talent to meet with like-minded artists from the world stage. Tracks included are from as far afield as France (OMR), Germany (Boozoo Bajou feat. Joe Dukie), and Sweden (Jose Gonzalez), as well as New Zealand (Verse 2, Breaks Co-op, P Bass Expressway/ Downtown Brown). Many of the tracks are previously unreleased.

The DVD includes 9 acclaimed NZ Short Films, and 8 Music Videos. As an extra special treat the DVD features a Mini Doco by Serena Stevenson, which explores the art of the Moko, and two experimental Moving Image pieces.

The 120 Page Book sees a diverse showcase of Photography and Graphic Art from some of our most influential local artists, sitting alongside photographic stills generously provided by the World Press Photo Exhibition. Featured artists include: Aaron Bec, Misery, Greg Semu, Buggy G, Nick McFarlane, and Serena Stevenson.

01. Ben Mono - Suburban Resident
02. Verse 2 - Danger
03. Big Bud feat. Dan Marcus - Just Can’t Hold Me Down
04. Boozoo Bajou feat. Joe Dukie & U-Brown - Take It Slow
05. P-Bass Expressway - Easyride (Downtown Ride-On Remix)
06. Eru Dangerspiel feat. Tiger Cutler - Sambaskooldropout
07. Deja Move - Average People (TM Juke remix)
08. Entropic - Hardware
09. OMR - The Way We Have Chosen
10. Tubbs - New Way Of Life (Atlantic Conveyor remix)
11. Mr Jigga - Crow
12. Paunch feat. Karina Lyons - Already Me
13. Skallander - Follow Me
14. Breaks Co-Op - Duet
15. Jose Gonzalez - Crosses


No Ordinary Sun
The Freezer
Nothing Special
When The Jars are Done
The Waiting Room
Rest Stop
Eating Sausage
Moko Art of Nature

Ebb - Be A Man
Twinset - San Pedro Sula (Bossa Mix)
The Video Kid - CCTV
Recloose - Dust feat. Joe Dukie
Module - Hot Steppa
Skallander - Saint

What Barry Says